"We choose products carefully here at Reedy Fork Farm. That's why we promote Sea-Agri products for essential supplements in livestock diets. ¬†SEA-90 is¬†the most complete mineral and trace element product and recommended by the Organic Program and Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic food, fiber, and livestock production. SEA-90 is the result of 30 years of research by Dr. Maynard Murray who proved that soils with sea minerals added will grow crops superior to crops grown with conventional fertilizers. Produced from dehydrating sea water trapped in retention ponds, these natural crystals are balanced to sustain biological life. While some manufacturers claim to use genuine sea salt, SEA-90 is the only sea mineral product that‚Äôs guaranteed to contain a¬†complete spectrum of minerals and trace elements found in sea water. ¬†SEA-90 is also pollution-free because it's created from coastal water that has been analyzed to prove that nitrogen isn‚Äôt present, meaning it‚Äôs free from agricultural runoff. Customers who use SEA-90 report positive changes in their livestock within three to four weeks.¬†Some farmers put a little in their livestock‚Äôs drinking water, in their pastures or offer it as free choice. Here‚Äôs a guideline: ¬? Dairy Cows and Cattle: Offer free choice or mix two to three ounces in feed ration twice daily. ¬? Sheep and Goats: Offer free choice or mix two to three ounces in feed once each day. ¬? Hogs and other Livestock including Horses: Offer free choice and/or add 14 pounds per ton of feed. ¬? Poultry: Add ten pounds per ton of feed and/or offer free choice. Many customers broadcast SEA-90 on the ground in small amounts and allow the chickens to eat at will. ¬? Turkeys: Add 17 pounds per ton of feed and/or offer free choice. ¬? Natural Wormer: Mix six pounds of SEA-90 with one pound of diatomaceous earth and bind together with a small amount of raw apple cider vinegar. ¬? Drinking water: SEA-90 can also be dissolved in livestock‚Äôs drinking water. Dissolve one and one half pounds per 300 gallons water once every week. At Reedy Fork, we give it to our cows by free choice and in their drinking water. We also use this on our pastures.      "

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