"Somewhere in your ongoing routine, after the morning carpool run and before laundry, there’s the dilemma of what’s for dinner each night. If you’ve kicked off the New Year with a resolve to eat more healthily, here are a few reasons why you can feel great about adding organic meat to your family’s diet: 1. Keep it Simple. Organic meats are not modified, fortified or processed with synthetic substances the same way conventional meats are. Legislation strictly identifies procedures for a product to be labeled organic. (For more information and exceptions, see Substances and methods list). 2. Take it slow. Conventionally raised cattle and chickens are often given growth-enhancers so that the animals mature faster and can be slaughtered sooner. The problem is that these hormones detected in humans can lead to cancer. Any meat product labeled organic cannot contain growth hormones. 3. Give way, please. Did you know that a cow on a factory farm often has no room to graze or even lie down? Animals that are crowded together are more susceptible to diseases, which is why so many are routinely administered antibiotics that you also intake whenever you eat traditionally produced meats. 4. Keep it green. The manure alone from thousands of cows crammed together on a factory farm or CAFO’s (concentrated animal feeding operations) presents a huge environmental problem, as the runoff can affect clean water supplies. Organically raised cows graze on grass in fields not treated by pesticides, and their manure is used to fertilize the field. 5. What’s in there? One study by Johns Hopkins University Center for a Livable Future found arsenic, illegal antibiotics, the antihistamine used in Benadryl and acetaminophen used in Tylenol and other pain medications within chicken meat raised conventionally. Chronic arsenic exposure can lead to lung, bladder and skin cancers. It’s been associated with conditions like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cognitive deficits and adverse pregnancy outcomes. Since 75% off Americans regularly eat chicken, how scary is that? * Reedy Fork would like to encourage and support your organic meat habit. That’s why we offer organic meats along with organic pasture raised eggs, and so many other organic products and feeds. Say yes to organic, no to GMO's and hormones, and get 2015 started off right! Read the study here. "

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