Bessie-Mable“I don’t know Bessie, I think our feed tastes divine and just the right amount of Redmond salt too!” Most farm animals like a little bit of salt with their feed, and the one brand they prefer is Redmond. At Reedy Fork, we mix Redmond Salt into most of our feeds. Redmond Natural Trace Mineral Salt contains all natural minerals with nothing artificial added. It’s a natural salt, crushed and screened to the size of coarse sand making it ideal for feed mixing or free choice feeding of most any livestock. #10 Fine Mineral Salt continues to be a favorite with many of our customers. Redmond Salt is $17.25 per 50 pound bag. It’s all what all the best animals are eating. Read more about Redmond Salts, and place your order here. PS We carry Redmond Salt for your table, too!

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