"It's no secret that we love food at Reedy Fork Farm. So we were thrilled this winter to be featured in Edible Piedmont magazine! They did an great job telling about our history, how and why we became organic, and how we grew into having a feed mill. They also shared a couple of fun farm facts that you may not know: •  Dairy farmers are paid only $16 for one hundred pounds a milk, and the price hasn't changed much for the past 20 years! •  We once considered agritourism, inviting others to tour our farm - especially giving field trips for schools - as a way to keep the dairy viable. •  Before 1950, Reedy Fork Farm grew tobacco. •  It takes 500 cows to fill the Organic Valley milk truck. We're a part of a 'pool' of farms, and we fill the milk truck every two days. •  Our cows produce milk for up to ten years. Before we became organic, they only gave milk for 4 or 5 years. You can read the whole text of the article here. Or better yet - subscribe to Edible Piedmont magazine and read the whole issue! There's a fascinating article talking about the four young men who staged the sit in at Woolworth's in 1960. Edible Piedmont is a great publication with engaging articles about food from our area - as well as the people who cook, grow, and eat it! Visit their website to read and subscribe! "

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