"One of our new customers recently switched to our Reedy Fork Organic Farm chicken feed from a non-organic brand, but her chicken’s egg production went down. She contacted us for help. We took a look at the ingredients in her old feed, and discovered that it contained soybeans; she was buying our soy free layer feed. Suddenly switching from one feed to another can cause a decrease in egg production. Ideally, changing types of feed should be a gradual process. We also recommended that she switch to our regular layer feed which has soybeans in it to see if the egg count went back up. Our customer then asked if the soybeans we used were GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms). That’s a great question, and we have a great answer. In order to be certified organic the grains that we use are required to be GMO free; therefore the organic grains and organic products that we carry all started from a non GMO organic seed. Rest assured, Reedy Fork Organic Farm uses 100% organic GMO free grain – from our fork to yours!"

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