"We're all nesting getting ready for over 1300 new pullets that will arrive to Reedy Fork Farm on April 24th. They'll start laying sometime in June, ready to provide all of you with the fresh organic eggs that you have come to love! We're busy cleaning and mending our chicken trailers as well as building new ones so our new girls will have plenty of place to shelter and rest. They'll have plenty of nest boxes to lay those wonderful eggs. Of course, the chickens are always free to range about the pasture. A fun fact is that the various breeds of chickens have different egg totals during a year. Our Hy-Line Brown hens lay about 330 eggs their their first year. They take a little bit of a break during the cold weather, and now that its over, the hens that we have now are starting to lay again. So come by the store, or go to Deep Roots or Weaver Street, and grab you a dozen or so. And don't worry. When our new flock arrives, we'll be sure to post a birth announcement! f you've not ordered your pullets yet, you can do so here!"

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