Reedy Fork Farms is proud to be a member of the Organic Valley family of farms. And there's a great reason for our pride! Organic Valley was started by seven dairy farmers in Wisconsin back in 1988. with seven selling organic dairy products in 1988. That cooperative now includes 900 member farms from 28 states. Organic Valley manufactures and sells a complete line of dairy products. Customers love and trust Organic Valley, and you can find their products in all 50 states. And they've expanded to include more than dairy. You can also find Organic Valley beef, pork, chicken, eggs, soy, and produce. Their juices and snacks are a favorite for parents - because they are healthy, and for kids - because they are delicious! Learn more about our Organic Valley coop and products on the Organic Valley website. Even better, learn more about them by tasting for yourself! Look for us in your supermarket. And if it's a dairy product - hey - that's us!

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