"For cooking, for eating, for gift-giving, you can't beat our organic sunflower oil. It's available in 16 and 32 ounce bottles, but did you know the back story of this delicious, nutritious oil? We grow organic sunflowers right here on Reedy Fork Farm. After we harvest the seeds from these gorgeous flowers, we run them through a seed cleaner that separates the seeds from the chaff - the hull, the stalks, the pods - everything except for the actual seed. Of course, the chaff isn't wasted. We press it into energy packed pods that we add to our animal feed. We take the raw sunflower seeds, and press them in a no-filtered cold press, where the oil is extracted. The cold press helps to maintain the high energy content of the oil. From there, the oil is used two ways. For animals, we add it to many of our organic feeds. For humans, the certified organic sunflower oil is bottled with that nice Reedy Fork Farm label, which means it looks lovely in a gift basket or as an appreciation gift for a teacher. High in Vitamin E, sunflower oil has a delicious, mild flavor. It can be used for frying, in salad dressings, or simply as a dip for bread. The organic sunflower oil is available at our Reedy Fork Farm store as well as at our webstore. "

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