"[caption id=""attachment_1023"" align=""alignright"" width=""300""] Another Happy Cow[/caption]We've been a dairy since 2007, and and our cows are on pasture 21 hours per day. But there are times when cows need supplemental feed, usually because of the weather. When we started the process of becoming organic, one of the biggest challenges we faced was getting organic cow feed for these times that our herd couldn't graze. We finally realized that the only way to have consistently high quality feed was to mill it ourselves. So we drew on our many years of experience as dairy farmers, got some good advice from experts like the good folks at Fertrell, got grants and support from companies like Organic Valley, and Reedy Fork Farm Organic Feed was born. Our feed was created from the need to give our girls the very best nutrition and quality to produce the richest of milk. It's made of certified organic grains from farmers that we personally know, many of them are our close neighbors. When you purchase our cow feed, you're purchasing exactly what we offer our dairy cows. We provide them the very best, and that means when you give your animals our feed, you're giving them the very best. If you've not tried North Carolina Organic Cow Feed, sign up for our newsletter here, and we'll send you a coupon toward your first bag. We know that your animals will love it - which means you'll love it too! "

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