"You've seen the label ""Certified Organic"", but do you know who does the certification? Most people think that it's an agency of the government, but in truth, there are several companies throughout the United States that are authorized to issue organic certification to farms and operations that produce crops and livestock. Our certifier is Oregon Tilth, which has roots going back to the 70's. It had already been certifying farms before Congress passed the Organic Foods Production Act (OFPA), which created a national standard for organics. In 1997, they helped form the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI), which evaluates what goes into organic products. OTCO reviews all of our ingredient tags, egg labels, sunflower oil labels. Anything that we put a certified organic logo on they have checked and rechecked to make certain it is what it says it is. Each year, and usually two times per year, their certifying agent comes to our farm and goes through our paperwork. They review our certificates, load tickets, weight tickets, invoicing, seed tickets, meat, oils, chickens, and cows. They go all over the farm and in the mill to check everything that we are doing and to make certain we are doing it to the NOP standards and or higher. We're accountable - so you can be assured that you are getting just what our label says - Certified Organic! PS We were recently featured on the OT blog! Take a look!"

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