The diet for your animals is a lot simpler than yours, but their nutritional needs are just as complex. Animals need a variety of protein, fat, fiber, energy, vitamins, minerals needed to have a happy healthy animal, and we make sure that our feed provides just that. Simply put; we want our customers to have their animals feed all in one bag. We make our feed a complete feed and think of ourselves as a one stop shop. That’s why we add Fertrell Nutri Balancer to our livestock and poultry feed. The Produced in accordance with the USDA/NOP Organic Poultry production guidelines, Poultry Nutri-Balancer has Kelp Meal instead of methionine. This special blend of minerals, vitamins and direct fed microbials are perfectly formulated for to make sure your animals are absolutely as healthy as possible. It’s just another way that we make sure that our livestock and poultry rations are not only certified organic, but that they are the optimum way to feed your animals.Feed-Bag-Chickens

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