"Healthy immune systems are important in these trying times. Folks who don't eat fish will be pleased to know seafood is not the only source of vitamin D. Whole eggs are a good source, and nutritious to boot. Eggs whites hold the protein but the fat, minerals and vitamins are in the yolk. According to data from the National Institutes of Health, one egg yolk typically contains 37 IU of vitamin D or five percent of the recommended daily intake. That doesn't sound like much but they go on to report: pasture-raised chickens that roam outside in sunlight produce eggs with levels of vitamin D three to four times higher. We have happy chickens who produce the perfect food: low in calories (77), a source of protein (6 grams), a source of good fat (3 grams) and an excellent source of vitamin D which keep our immune systems healthy. Stop by our store or contact us for the stores carrying our eggs."

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