"You're asking, and we're answering all your questions about chickens in a brand new Chickens 101 class. The session is designed for backyard chicken farmers, and those who would like to be. We'll talk about everything chicken: Puchasing chickens - The best places to buy. What sort of vaccinations are necessary. What breeds are the best. Setting up a chicken environment - Coops, yards, and equipment. Keeping chickens safe. Feeding and watering chickens - What to look for in a feed. The difference between kinds of feed. The best kind of waterers. Eggs - How to get the best yield. How to address problems. Chicken Health - Keeping healthy chickens. Common chicken illnesses and their treatments. The class is informal, and will last about one hour. We're holding two sessions: July 10 - Graham Public Library at 6:00 pm August 15 - Mebane Public Library at 6:00 pm The class is free, and registration is not necessary. Come and bring a friend! "

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