"The Burlington Farmer's Market is a great place to buy produce, meats, local honey, and so much more. It's called a 'producer's market', which means the vendors actually produce what they sell. It's also a place to socialize! It was just through such socializing that we discovered that three of the regular Farmer's Market vendors are our customers! We can't think of a more rousing endorsement! Stroll on through, and you'll meet Wings of Dawn. They sell free range chickens - fed our organic feed. They also have a variety of organic produce in season - that good farm to table that's delicious, nutritious, and good for the earth! Asgard Farms offers delicious free range eggs and meat: chicken, turkeys, grass fed beef, lamb and pasture raised pork. They also have soap made from Nubian goats' milk. All of their animals are fed our organic soy free feed. All poultry is processed right there on the farm. (I'll link to the post about them, too.) And Greenfield Farm and Creamery has organic turkey - ground and cuts. They also have dairy products from their jersey cows, plus a truckload of fresh items from the garden...think organic corn, french green beans, herbs, patty pan squash, lemon cucumbers, butternut and spaghetti squash... Now you have a few more names to add to your list when you're asked, ""Who's Your Farmer?!""
The Burlington Farmer's Market 268 East Front Street in Downtown Burlington, NC. They are open every Saturday morning 8:00 AM to 12:00 NOON through October.

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