"Chickens are like kids. They pick at their food, and sometimes eat their favorite parts, and leave behind some things that they need for a balanced diet. If you see your chickens leave the meals and minerals, they aren’t getting this vitally important source of protein, energy and minerals that they need. Like our children, there are strategies you can use to make sure your little chickies eat all of their four course meal. Look at the list of helpful hints below and see if you can aid your chicken be a part of the clean plate club! 1. Hide it. Clean up what’s left behind and add to a foliage plant; like lettuce or spinach 2. Mix it in. Mix their left overs in oatmeal or yogurt 3. Make a treat. Make a frozen Popsicle for them during the warm months. They will love to peck away and be rewarded all at the same time! 4. Adjust the feeder. Put their feeder at the right height; this way the chickens can’t be too picky and eat everything! 5. Leave it for later. Leave the meals and minerals on the ground or in the feed bucket until they “clean” them up 6. Special order. Have us grind your feed the way your chickens want it. Yes, we know that chickens are like children and have a certain way of eating; so let us grind your feed to their liking. There is a minimum order of 5-50lb bags when grinding their feed a specific way. 7. Feed the best! And lastly continue to spoil your chickens with Reedy Fork Organic Feed; it’s simply the best in the market! If you have a certain way that your chicken is rewarded or cleans up their feed; we would love to know so we can pass it on to chickeners like yourself! "

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