"It's time to call the Reedy Fork Office to reserve your pullets. If we are not available to answer the call, please leave your name, phone number and how many pullets you wish to order. Order Now, and they'll be ready to pick up by the end of April. The pullets are $15 per bird. If you are new to backyard coops, the pullet is generally less than one year old. A pullet becomes a hen after its first moult, which can occur either quite early or quite late in the first year of their life. Not all pullets are going to start laying eggs at 18 weeks; some may lay as soon as 16 weeks and others may lay around 24 weeks. Combs and wattles are a good indicator of when your girls are going to start laying. Typically a pullet’s wattles and comb with develop a deep red swollen color around the time they are getting ready to lay. Whenever they lay, it's important to feed them healthy feed. We offer a variety of feeds blended to perfection to keep the girls happy and productive."

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