"When a hurricane threatens to pay a visit, it's a race against time to get the farm ready. And for us, there are no hard and fast rules on how to prepare. You just have to go with your gut when you have so much at stake on a 500 acre farm. Our farm preps in multiple ways: Make sure the generators are in working order and full of fuel. Fill up all the tractors and farm vehicles. Move our chicken tractors and chickens to an area on the farm that is safe. Get the cows to pastures where there is enough shelter for all of them. Mill as much feed as we can for our customers that need may feed to get them through a period where they can't graze in the field. Crossing our fingers and toes that our 20 acres of unharvested corn withstands the rain and wind. All the while, we're watching the news - and the skies. Hopefully, the hurricane will die down or turn out to sea, and all our preparations will be for nothing! "

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