Oil is a good source of energy for all animals. We press two kinds of oil at Reedy Fork Organic Farm - flax oil and sunflower oil. Our goal is to have no waste, to use every available bit of the product. So when we finish, we have oil - and pellets from the seeds and hulls. First, we load raw seeds into a non-filtered cold press. The press extracts the oil. We add the oil to many types of our feed - especially our organic chicken feed, as poultry are the most benefited by organic oils. We also sell the oil by itself. After the oil is extracted, the remaining seed and hull are squeezed into a pellet. These pellets are used in feeds, especially our soy free lines. Like the oil, the pellets are also sold individually. Although the machinery is different, the process is thousands of years old. Because no matter how much time passes, the importance of feeding good quality rations to animals stays the same. And at Reedy Fork Organic Farm, that's our goal - making the best organic feed possible, from our fork to yours.
Purchase our organic flax oil and sunflower oil here.

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