"Tune into FrogTV, an up and coming news outlet publicizing the dangers of chemical pesticides to our environment and consequently our health. Weighty information - lighthearted delivery. Meet Triball, the three-eyed frog and hero of FrogTV. Watch the webisodes, and learn how chemical pesticides are threatening our health. You may want to subscribe and receive FrogTV updates every Froggy Friday. You'll definitely want to choose organic food that's produced without any chemical pesticides. What do Frogs Have to do with Organic Farming? Actually, a lot. Did you know that frogs are very sensitive to environmental changes like pesticide runoff? In the past ten years, a notable amount of physical deformities in amphibians exposed to chemical pesticides has been recorded in studies across the United States. Frogs are particularly vulnerable due to their porous skin which easily absorbs chemicals from rain, groundwater and even water vapor. In the United States, approximately 80 million pounds of atrazine are used every year. The amphibians exposed to atrazine had low levels of sperm and testosterone, some produced estrogen, developed female reproductive organs and were ultimately impregnated by their former gender mates. Wait a minute - the boy frog became a girl?? Yes, it's true. Unfortunately, these are not the only side effects of exposure to atrazine. Research has shown that it drives down white cell counts and weakens genes controlling the immune systems. If it's the frogs' problem today, when will it be our problem? Sooner than you think. You gotta watch. The more you know about pesticides, the more you'll love the organic feed and the milk we produce at Reedy Fork Farm!"

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