"Certified Organic Aloe Pellets are a nutritional supplement for your livestock. They contain a unique blend of aloe, kelp, and garlic. They are valuable supplements for immune support, and a source for needed trace minerals with natural antibiotic properties. The feeding rates are based on the body weight of your livestock. Just one ounce of these pellets per 100 pounds for bovine, goat, swine and sheep can bring the added assurance your livestock remains healthy during the cold season. Poultry can benefit too, with an ounce of aloe pellets per 50 pounds. Reedy Fork Farm has Fertrell Aloe Pellets available in 10 lb., 25 lb., and 50 lb. bags. Look for the discount offer in our November newsletter. Don't receive our emailed newsletter? Sign up today for this and other special offers."

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