"We've decided Reedy Fork Farm Organic Farm needs a slogan - a tagline - a motto. And we'd like your help! We've decided to have a contest, and let you submit your ideas to us. We'll collect all the entries, take our pick of the top ten, then open it up and let all of you vote for the best one. Keep in mind that we have both an organic dairy farm and organic feed mill. We will need YOU to come up with a slogan, tagline, motto that will encompass both! The winner will receive a $50 gift card. And our undying thanks, exuberant praise, endless touting, and so forth and so on - until the cows come home. It's easy to enter. Simply submit your idea(s) via our contact form HERE. Here are the rules: 1. Submit your slogan ideas via email (and yes, the contact form counts as email). You can send in as many ideas as you like. If you come up with the same idea someone has already sent us, the earliest entry that we receive is the one that counts. 2. We will decide on our ten favorite entries, and allow you to vote on the best one. (Voting will be through Survey Monkey.) 3. ALL entries are given freely to Reedy Fork Organic Farm without the submitter having claim to copyright now or in the future. The winning slogan becomes the sole property of Reedy Fork Organic Farm. 4. Slogan may not contain any genetically modified words, hormones, or artificial ingredients, and must be original. 5. Entries must be received by midnight on February 15th. 6. All decisions are final. 7. ANYONE is eligible to enter. That means we may throw our ideas into the mix. But the prize will go to the highest vote getting non-employee of Reedy Fork Farm or Dash Web Consulting. 8. Contestants must provide their name and address. Prize will be sent via US mail to an address in the United States or Canada only. 9. We reserve the right to not adopt any of the entries as our slogan. The gift card, however, will still be awarded. How's that for a fun contest?! So - grab yourself a tall glass of organic milk and put your thinking cap on. Contest begins NOW. "

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