"Start warming up your voice for your new flock of Certified Organic Hy-line Brown Pullets! Place your order now, and your girls will be ready for pick up in April 25. The chicks are hatching now, and by the time we get them, they'll be about 18 weeks old, which means that in just a few weeks, you'll have your first eggs! The pullets are from our organic supplier in Pennsylvania, and they've been vaccinated against Marek's disease. Chicks are $16 each. Order your chickens here, and we'll be in touch when you need to grab your crates and come and get your new brood from the farm. Of course, we also know the very best place to get your organic chicken feed as well! Also - check out the Start a Chick Kit, which provides you with everything you need to get started with ten chicks!"

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