"Americans want to see food that’s been genetically modified (containing GMO’s) labeled – and rightly so. Consumers should know if the food they’re buying contains “genetically modified organisms – living things whose DNA includes additional genetic material from other, unrelated organisms.” Roughly 70% of American packaged foods contains ingredients that are genetically modified, which is why people look for the Non-GMO Verified label. What you might not realize is that certified organic is also Non-GMO. In fact, it has more stringent requirements than a Non-GMO Project Verified label! Certified Organic also means: 1. No GMO’s included. The produce was not grown from genetically modified seed. Packaged food cannot contain ingredients that have been genetically modified. 2. For processed foods, 95 to 100% of the ingredients are certified organic. The remaining 5% -- salt and water – must also be free of GMO’s. 3. The facility is inspected annually by third party inspectors. 4. No chemical fertilizers, sewage sludge, synthetic substances allowed in the production process. 5. No growth hormones and antibiotics are allowed for any organic meat or poultry. 6. Livestock must have had 100% organic feed. Non-GMO Project Verified means: 1. GMO Label is required at 0.9% threshold, as also upheld as the standard for the European Union. 2. No restrictions on pesticides or herbicides are put into place. 3. No restrictions on antibiotics or growth hormones are enacted. The Non-GMO Project Verified label focuses on one thing: Does this food contain anything (0.9% or more) that’s been genetically modified? The Certified Organic label involves a lot more – what did the animal eat? Where was the animal kept? How did the farmer get rid of weeds? What was added to the soil? Were GMO’s included in the product? Who inspected the facility to be sure they really don’t use pesticides or herbicides? The bottom line is that food with the Certified Organic label gives you a lot more assurance of a healthy history, and that’s what you want on your fork. Sources: Food Babe Boston Organics "

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