Sea Agri LogoSEA-90 sea mineral solids can replace any salt or mineral salt you’re offering your livestock and poultry and improve your end product. The most complete mineral and trace element product ever offered, SEA-90 is recommended by the Organic Program and Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic food, fiber and livestock production. SEA-90 is the only sea mineral product that’s guaranteed to be pollution free because of its lab data analysis. The product that’s created from coastal water has been analyzed to prove that nitrogen isn’t present, meaning it’s free from agricultural runoff. Sea water contains 85 currently identified minerals and trace elements that have been dehydrated for SEA 90’s custom blended products. Many customers who have switched to SEA-90 report positive changes in their livestock within three to four weeks. If you are buying a blended feed or mineral product that contains salt, ask your producer to eliminate the salt from the mix and add SEA-90 in its place.

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