"Chicken feed can be found in pellet form. Now, we don't have anything against pellets. We sell a few products in that form here at Reedy Fork Farm. But folks ask us why our chicken feed isn't made that way. It's simple, we make feed to look as good as it tastes. Our feed for starters, layers, and pullets have bits of real food you can see. More importantly, our feed contains minerals and essential vitamins that promote healthy digestion and overall good health for your hens.  One other tip: Your chickens like to see their feed, make sure it's at eye level for them. If you have a feeder low to the ground, we suggest you set it up on cinder blocks. As for the cost, some folks think our feed is too pricey, but we tell them: You don't need as much Reedy Fork Farm feed as you might with other feeds. In the long run, our customers realize they're getting a great value for a reasonable price. That's a deal you can crow about. Contact us for details on pick up, delivery and locations that carry our feed."

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