tedder for hayWe've had more than our fair share of visitors at the farm lately, and they've noticed that we farmers bandy about a few terms that the rest of you might not be familiar with. Here are a few that we've had to explain recently - to help you feel a little less like a greenhorn: Heifer - A young female cow that's never given birth. Wheat midds - What's left over after processing wheat into white flour; made up of wheat bran, wheat germ and wheat flour. Wheat midds are highly digestible for cows and high in energy. Tedder - A machine to help in the haymaking process. The tedder is designed to turn the hay so air can circulate under it and dry it out quicker. The improved drying process or curing allows for a sweeter fragrance and better color. Aragonite A very high quality source of calcium carbonate used as a supplement for organic poultry feeds; of particular value to laying hens. Howdy! - Actually, we usually say "Hey, ya'll" at Reedy Fork… Now you know, and you're ready to "talk farm" the next time the topic arises - or the next time that you pay us a visit. Try not to show off now, you hear?

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