"Folks like you have been noticing. The yolks in eggs from Reedy Fork Organic Farm are a rich, deep yellow color. There's a good reason for that. The more greens that hens eat - the deeper the color of her yolks! Yolk color is richer when the hen is getting more yellow-orange carotenoids in her diet. This can happen through grass, forage, greens, produce, alfalfa pellets, marigold flowers, and all the other good things that our girls get from free ranging around the Farm! Although the protein and fat content tends to be the same in both lighter and darker yolks, eggs from pasture raised hens usually have more omega 3s and vitamins and less cholesterol due to healthier feed. The age of the hen is another large factor in why some yolks are lighter than others. As a hen ages and the number of eggs she produces increases, her yolk the color lightens and the consistency of the yolk changes. Besides the yolk being a beautiful color, orange yolks are an indication of a well balanced and highly nutritious diet - a diet that your girl is guaranteed to get when you purchase Reedy Fork Organic Layer Feed - from our fork - to hers! PS Order your eggs online here, and pickup at the farm!"

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