"You've been asking a lot of questions, and we've dug around for some answers about one of our most popular products - diatomaceous earth. Here's the latest on what we found... What? Diatomaceous earth is a very fine powder made from the fossilized skeletons of ancient tiny sea creatures called diatoms. It's often called fossil shell flour, although it's not really a flour at all. Most people simply call it by its initials ""DE"". Why? Many products contain DE to prevent clumping and caking, wheat flour and animal feed. Because of its molecular and chemical composition, DE is fatal to weevils, bedbugs, fleas, slugs, and many other critters. Because it's harmless when ingested, it's a natural bug-repellent. Many farmers and pet owners give DE to animals as a dewormer. This list doesn't even scratch the surface. How? Dust your chicken coop, your dog's bed, or your garden with DE. Keep it totally dry, and use a mask when spreading it. Where? We sell food grade quality 50 pound bags of Ditomaceous earth at Reedy Fork Farm for $36.25 - only 72 1/2 cents per pound. Compare that price to what you pay at big box stores, pet stores, or even online! You can also purchases it in smaller quantities here. Who? Do you use Ditomaceous earth? Why do you use it? Visit our Facebook page and tell your DE story! Who knows. Maybe your farm will be our next scoop?!

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