"Cows are such familiar animals that we sometimes forget how fascinating they are. Here are ten fun facts about cows that we bet you didn't know... Gallons per cow. At Reedy Fork Organic Dairy, we have Holsteins and Jerseys. A Holstein gives 64 pounds (8 gallons) of milk per day, and the smaller Jersey gives 44 pounds (5.5 gallons) per day. We also have Jersey/Holstein crosses. We like the mix of the breeds, because although Hosteins give more milk, they are also bigger, and birthing cows is more difficult. Crossing the two gives the best of both. Going topless! We'll bet you didn't know that cows only have bottom teeth - 32 of them. The top of is a tough pad, which helps them chew the cud. Four to One. Depending on which expert you ask, cows have either four stomachs, or one stomach with four compartments. Cow naps. Cows may doze off for a bit, but don't actually sleep standing up. Off the clock. Cows spend 6.5 hours a day eating and drinking. Of course, technically, they're preparing to be milked, so maybe this should be on the clock time. Good thing we don't have to give them a paycheck! Cowls? Cows can turn their heads around so that they have almost 365degree vision. What's that smell?! Cows have an amazing sense of smell, and can smell things five or six miles away. They can hear low and high frequency sounds better than humans. Mother's milk. It makes sense when you think about it, but a cow doesn't produce milk until after she's given birth to her first calf. Cow fever. A cow's average body temperature is 101.5. Here's a tip. Cow tipping is an urban legend about country folks. Even if you could tip a cow, a normal healthy cow could get right up. AND Your Bonus Fact About our cow feed: We have both soy and soy free organic cow feed for dairy cows. It's available in 50 pound bags, 2000 pound totes and bulk. PS Now for your pop quiz. We recently mentioned another fascinating fact about twin cows. First one to send this fact to us here wins a Reedy Fork Farm cloth shopping bag! The catch is that you have to wait for it, because they aren't here yet! We expect them sometime in November. You'll be the first to get one! "

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