"A customer stopped in at Reedy Fork Farm wanting to know why her hen was laying weird looking eggs and laying them underneath the roost. The eggs were sometimes two connected together and all of them were missing their shell. We surmised either the hen has a calcium deficiency, which can be solved by free choicing calcium either with the other hens or by herself; or she has Egg Drop Syndrome, which means the hen is startled at night by a rodent or wakes up too early on the roost and plops out an egg that isn’t ready to be laid. Lastly, the cause of this dilemma may be the hen has a weakened egg gland that may cause her to lay eggs without their shells. We carry a variety of products that aid the health and wellbeing of hens such as Reedy Fork Farm Oyster Shells, a terrific source of calcium and improves shell quality, and Reedy Fork Farm Poultry Grit, which aids in the digestion of poultry’s feed. Poultry Nutri-Balancer by Fertrell offers a complete vitamin and mineral supplement for all species of poultry – broilers, hens, layers, turkeys, ducks, guineas, etc. at all ages and stages of development. Speaking of feed, we carry a variety of certified organic feeds made fresh and ready to deliver Monday through Thursdays after 1 pm."

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