"[caption id=""attachment_808"" align=""alignright"" width=""300""]Cherry's mom Rachel Williamson (in pink) with Cherry, Taylor and Jamie, granddaughter Jill (wearing striped shirt), and great-granddaughter Ellie (in purple).[/caption]Reedy Fork Farm hosted an old fashioned church picnic last weekend! About 350 people from Trinity Worship Center gathered on the hill next to the feed mill for an afternoon and evening of fun. Two tractors pulled groups of people for a hayride that included a visit with one of our friendly cows and a tour of the milking parlor. The congregation had a hamburger/hot dog cookout, brought covered dishes and desserts, and ate a lot of watermelon. The children had a bounce house, kites, and lots of other games. We told the kids that they were welcome to climb on the tractor, and were surprised at how many teenagers took advantage of the opportunity! A side note: Trinity Worship Center was started by Cherry's great-grandmother, who would have loved to know that her family is still going to the church seven generations later! [gallery] "

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