"When our daughter Hayley was young, she raised chickens, sold their eggs and saved up enough money to buy her first car. She sort of lost interest, but it was a great first 'job' for her. And we miss the eggs! This year, we decided to raise chickens again, and while we're at it, we thought we'd order some for those of our customers who would like some. Right now, we're taking pre-orders for certified organic Highland Brown laying chickens. The chicks can be picked up on May 23rd, when they will be from 15 - 16 weeks old and vaccinated against Merrick's disease. Each costs $15. Place your order here and while you're at it, go ahead and place your order for chicken feed. We offer three different varieties for layers: Chick Starter for the first 8 weeks, Pullet for weeks 9 - 16 or the first egg, and layer for thereafter. "

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