It’s almost football season and Reedy Fork Farm is doing its part to get everyone ready for the big games. Over the last several weeks we have helped feed the football players, coaches, staff and local media outlets with our quality beef products including our delicious ribeyes, New York strips and ground beef. It’s also time to beef up your busy schedule for the fall, why not do it organically? Taste our beefy selections and grab a few pounds for your family. Our beef is simply the best, organically fed beef raised on pasture every day of their lives. If you don't find it at a store near you, come visit our store located right here on the farm. Flavor abounds at Reedy Fork Farm. Speaking of flavor, we love the local flavor as much as our neighbors. If you want a taste of life in these parts, tune in to our favorite radio station The Maverick, 95.1 FM. You can catch up on local happenings – including Reedy Fork Farm events – as well as listen to great music, hear local sports updates and just feel down home.

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