Reedy Fork Farm Holiday Wish - Our Wishes for You May Your Holiday Season Yield A Healthy Crop of Joy, Hope & Peace. May You Find Your Happiness in the Hearts of Those Who Love You.

Wounds Happen Naturally, So Does the Healing

Posted by Reedy Fork Organic Farm on 8/7/2022
On the farm all sorts of small mishaps occur like bug bites, scrapes, skin irritations and pink eye. We have just the product, made with natural ingredients to help soothe the hurt, help heal the wound. Super Wound Spray comes in a convenient 16 oz. Read More

Sunflower Oil Straight From Our Fields

Posted by Reedy Fork Organic Farm on 7/5/2022
From our soils to your dinner table we grow, press, and pour our certified organic sunflower oil. Dress up your special recipe, add it to your summer salad or as a dip for your favorite homemade bread. Available in 32oz. Read More

Give Your Birds a Vitamin E Boost

Posted by Reedy Fork Organic Farm on 6/3/2022
Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin and antioxidant essential for integrity and optimum function of reproductive, muscular, circulatory, nervous, and immune systems. Vitamin E is stored throughout all body tissues, with highest storage in the liver. Read More

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